The House of Knud Rasmussen will help to uncover issues of identity and identity creation in connection with migration. Seven different European countries are participating in the project, six cultural history museums and one university. In Denmark, the focus is on Greenlanders living in Denmark and the encounters and experiences, the meeting between two cultures can bring.

We need to learn from history

The House of Knud Rasmussen is part of the EU project Identity on the Line (I-ON) supported by the EU program Creative Europe. Overall, the project will explore the long-term consequences of different migration processes, forced or voluntary, which took place in Europe over the last 100 years. The purpose is communicating what the processes have meant to different groups, thereby supporting better integration in Europe. This will contribute to a greater understanding of differences and insights into the lives, backgrounds and experiences of others.

In Denmark, the focus is on Greenlanders living in Denmark and the encounters and experiences, the meeting between two cultures can bring, as well as the often difficult meetings that a shared identity can result in. These issues can be both difficult to talk about and to communicate. With this international project, the many different identity narratives will be put together in a broader European context and will form the basis for research and dissemination on identity creation and the long-term consequences of migration processes. The main purpose of the project is to use the experience of historical events to make the society of the future better, by creating insight, knowledge and understanding.

The most important findings and common features from all seven countries will be summarized and made available in the respective countries, in exhibitions, publications, workshops and as educational presentations for school students. The material collected will be disseminated to different audiences. In addition, the results will be summarized and disseminated through joint activities in Europe. The project runs from August 2019 to August



Partners in Denmark
The Greenlandic Houses in Denmark:
The Immigrant Museum;

Partners in the EU project
Ajtte - Mountain and Sami Museum in Sweden, Museum of Middle Pomerania in Poland, University of Vilnius in Lithuania, National Museum of Contemporary History in Slovenia, Ethnographic Museum of Istria in Croatia, and The House of Knud Rasmussen in Denmark. The Norwegian Vest-Agder Museum has overall project management and they also have their own sub-project.

Questions and contact
If you have any questions or are interested in the project, please contact us.
We address all issues, big and small.

Senior Curator Søren la Cour Jensen: / +45 28 76 03 43

Fellow the project


October, 14th 2022, Det Grønlandske Hus, Copenhaven
Opening of the travel exhibition ’Among Greenlanders in Denmark’ in Copenhagen:
August, 20. - 28. 2022 ICOM General Conference, Prague
The team presented the project findings and different products to all the museum professionals at the conference.
July 2022
The Identity on the Line exhibition, Aarhus, Dokk1. Outdoor exhibition.
Opening July 16th at 2 pm and will be there until 13th of September
May, our travel exhibition ‘Among Greenlanders in Denmark’ opened Det Grønlandske Hus, Aarhus (read more here: (in Danish)
March, 2022
Lecture by Anne Kirstine Hermann on the book 'Children of the Empire' (English lecture), Thursday 24 March at 11 in The Greenlandic House in Copenhagen (read more here: (in Danish)
City walk + Visit to the Greenland Representation (In English), Thursday 24 March 2022 at 13 to no later than 16 (read more here: (in Danish)
Meeting and conference + workshop in Copenhagen
Meeting and conference + workshop in Jokkmokk, Northern Sweden
March, 11th our travel exhibition ‘Among Greenlanders in Denmark’ opened at the immigrant museum (read more here: (in Danish)
January 2022
The opening of the joint exhibition in Slovenia.
Digital version of the exhibition can be seen here:

September 2021
Project Meetings + workshop in Croatia and Slovenia

May 2021
Webinar: 11th of May 3 PM.
v. Prof. Uwe R. Brückner: "Scenography – or the Art of Staging Emotions"

April 2021
Three-day web conference.
Meeting and conference + workshop in Copenhagen - CANCELED due to COVID-19.

November 2020
Webinar: 5th of November, 2-3 PM.
v. Prof. dr. Pamela Ballinger: "The World that Refugees made".

October 2020
Webinar: 29th of October, 11-12 AM.
v. Amina Krvavac: "The War childhood museum - From project to museum, from museum to global movement" (working title).

Webinar: 23th of October, 11-12 AM.
v. Prof. Dr. Peter Gatrell: "Reckoning with Refugeedom: Refugee voices in modern world history".
Webinar: 16th of October, 3-4 PM.
v. Dr Elif M. Gokcigdem: "Designing for Empathy with the Oneness Mindset".
Webinar: 8th of October, 11-12 AM.v. Prof. dr. Luisa Passerini: "Bodies Across Borders" A research project on visuality, mobility, and intersubjectivity.
September 2020 Two day Web-Conference.Meetings and conference + workshop in Jokkmokk, Sweden - Canceled due to COVID-19.
July 2020
Webinar: 2. July, "The Importance of Transnational History of Migration and the Paradox of its Absence in Educational Systems and Museums" with Mirjam Milharčič Hladnik.
May 2020
Identity on the Line: Webinar. 6. May, “Imparting the Narrative: Memory Theory & Practice in Sensitive Interviewing” with Dr. Danie Meyer.
April 2020
Looking for informants for interviews.
March 2020
Ivalo K. B. F. Olsvig starts on the project.
Meetings and conference + workshop in Slupsk, Poland - Canceled due to COVID-19.
Three day Web-Conference
September 2019
Project Meetings + workshop in Kristiansand, Norway.
August 2019
Søren la Cour Jensen starts the project in Denmark.